Shift Review: The Best Desktop App to Streamline Your Work

Are you someone toggling between tabs and a hundred apps everyday? Our Shift review will show you how you can manage all this without fuss.

2020 has made our lives go topsy-turvy all over. With Work-from-home being the new normal, it looks like our professional and personal lives just got intertwined.

Did you just get a one hour break from your work schedule and now you are busy scrolling through your shopping app cart? Or maybe savoring the motivational video you kept in the watchlist?

Juggling between apps and browsing through a hundred tabs has just made your life harder. Similarly, switching from personal to business email accounts also is a tedious job. Or is it?

Now that we have Shift, you do not need to worry about all these anymore.
Meanwhile, we present to you an extensive Shift Review with all the details you need to know.

What is Shift?

How would you feel when you suddenly have someone assisting you with all the managing and arranging stuff and your work just gets simpler?

Well, Shift does exactly that!

It is a desktop application that can streamline all your accounts, apps and emails. As the tagline demands: It is “The workstation for productive people.”

For example, you can access Google services from Drive to Calendar at just one click. It is the perfect missing piece to your productivity hike.

The Shift app is developed by Redbrick, a product company focused on reinventing business by scaling, acquiring and supporting them. It was launched in 2016 in Canada. After that, within 2018, it already had grabbed uncountable active users hooked to it daily.

Shift Features

What makes Shift stand out?Well, to start with, let’s say, it is a powerful application with all the necessary attributes that can give your productivity a 100x boost.

This Shift review will discuss all the important features that you should know before you decide to opt for this. If you want to have an adventurous tour across everything that this app has to offer, you can have a look at the features subsection on the website.

All Apps in One Platform

What will your reaction be when you hear that there is a productivity app for you that brings all your other apps together? Fabulous, isn’t it?

Are you someone who needs to use a lot of different applications to text? From Skype to WhatsApp and Messenger, add all your messaging tools right in your Shift window.

If you are a freelancer or an HR with a lot of tasks pending and you can’t keep a tab on them, well we feel you and so does Shift! Whether it’s Trello or Evernote, you are free to add as many of them here.

No one wants distraction during a meeting or when browsing through LinkedIn for job searches, right? Shift allows you to bring all your social media accounts in one place.

To sum up, now you can schedule your to-dos, have a quick video meeting and also go through your Facebook feed whenever you feel like without being guilty of wasting your precious time. How cool does this sound?

Multiple Email Accounts

Shift allows multiple email accounts such as Google, Microsoft 365 and Outlook. At the corner of your app window, you get access to all your accounts visible for you to choose anytime, anywhere.

Grammarly & Boomerang Integration

You realised that there is just 15 minutes to go for the meeting and you have not yet written the e-mail.We all commit silly grammatical errors when we are typing fast, don’t we? Not now, that we have Grammarly and Boomerang extensions integrated with Shift for you to work hassle-free.

Focused Browsing

Shift has another interesting feature called focused browsing. With this application, you can easily use Google Chrome search. Managing tabs and organizing them by accounts just made your browsing simpler.

Unified Search Feature

With the help of unified search feature, now you can save your time and find exactly what you are searching for – be it your Mail, Calendar or Drive Account.

Shift Pricing Plans

There are three available plans of Shift for your convenience: Basic, Advanced and Team. Use our shift coupon codes and get an exclusive 10% OFF on your Shift subscriptions.

Basic Plan

Are you someone who does not have too much of a workload but still gets distracted by the constant login and logout?

The basic plan of Shift is maybe the right fit for you. It is free! It allows you to have some noteworthy features like:

  • 2 accounts (Gmail, G Suite, Outlook and Office 365)
  • 1 app account
  • Cross-Platform Support (now you can get support among Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Shared Workspaces

Advanced Plan

This is a $99.99 package annually, but with unlimited benefits. From multiple account access to unified search, this provides you with the convenience you didn’t know you can enjoy.

It offers you:

  • Unlimited Accounts and Apps
  • Shared Workspaces
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Desktop Notifications (Notification muting is also allowed)
  • Add Google Services
  • Chrome Extensions

With the Advanced pricing, you can also delete the “Sent with Shift” text, which is not possible in the free plan.

Team Plan

This annual package of $99.99 is a game-changer.

Now, not only can you make your personal and professional identities in computer a hassle-free experience, you can do that for your team too.

Shift reviews your name, email id, your company name and website to confirm your identity and it’s done!!

It allows you to coordinate with even more than 50 members.

This package permits you to enjoy all the features of Advanced and along with that, you have access to consolidated billing and team management dashboard.

If you go through the team page of the Shift website, you can check the multiple satisfactory customer reviews of several companies.

Workspace: A Brilliant Shift Feature

Workspaces are definitely one of the most awesome features that Shift introduces to its users.

With just a click on the + icon and selecting Add Workspaces, you can access this.

Shift Workspaces can be used both for work and personal accounts.
If it is work-related, well, this feature will allow you to manage through several different tasks as per your role requirements.

From social media management tools like Hootsuite to the job of selecting new members and enabling disturbance-free work via chat apps like Twist, this permits it all.

For personal requirements, there are even more options to scan through.
You want to book a restaurant or order home delivery food while also planning a vacation for the upcoming weekend?

From Uber to Airbnb, surf anything at your wish.

Also, you can have the option to limit the news to a daily minimum, so that you are not distracted each time it pops up.

Not only this, add your family members or create one workspace for each client you handle.

That is to say, make the most out of it at your own speed.

How to Use Shift?

In this paragraph, we will discuss about the procedure to use Shift.

  • Download Shift for your desktop
  • Firstly, after downloading the application on your desktop, add your email account. Choose your primary email ID. Shift reviews your email ID every time you log into it or open your existing Shift account elsewhere
  • Secondly, you have to add details of your other email accounts (anything from Google, Outlook or Office365)
  • Then you can select all the apps that you want to add here for easy use. You have an option to select from Facebook, Messenger, Slack, LinkedIn, Trello and 100 other apps
  • Choose the right theme for your purpose (Dark or Light) and the adjust the sidebar width
  • You are now ready to join in Shift with as many accounts and apps as possible.
  • Now that you have created your Shift workspace, you can now drag and order your accounts based on your preference
  • At the top right, you will get the Google tools like Mail, Calendar, Drive and others. Likewise, you will find all your favourite applications at the App Directory inside Settings
  • In conclusion, you are all set with this awesome application

Closing Thoughts After Detailed Shift Review

Just like any other application, Shift has its pros and cons. But, it will help you get a productive working space in your desktop. And, who doesn’t want a manageable and easily accessible structured arena where you can comfortably carry on with both your work and personal life side by side?

Shift 4.0 is an appreciable application which will make you focus on the right subject at the right time. Thus, you will enjoy a trouble-free and productive daily routine at your convenience.

From effortless account handling to team management, have it all with Shift.

We hope this detailed Shift review was helpful for you to decide whether you would want to buy it or not. We definitely recommend Shift app as it makes you productive and tech savvy.


1. How can we reorder email accounts in Shift?

Shift gives us the option to reorder email accounts whenever we want. Firstly, open your Shift account and navigate to the location where email accounts can be accessed. Click on it to get the drop-down menu. From there, select “Move up” if you want to make that email account on the top or “Move Down” if you want to lower its rank in the order.

2. How can we open links from Shift in our browser?

Shift permits us to open links both inside of Shift and also in the browser. So, if you want to open links from Shift in our browser, follow the below mentioned steps:

– Open your Shift account and head to Settings option.
– Click on General and head to Functionality.
– Select “Open Links in Shift” and choose OFF.

This will enable you to open links in your default browser.

3. How can we sync multiple Gmail calendars?

Inside the Shift account, head onto the “My Calendars” section where you get the option to create a new calendar. Fill all info required like time slot and event details. You can name each calendar to make them distinct and switch between the multiple options. Share your Calendars to anyone and everyone according to your requirements. You can also choose others to add or edit changes in Calendar to keep yourself updated.

Is it possible to log into Shift on multiple devices?

Yes, it is possible. Although Shift is not yet available in mobile phones, you can access it in as many desktops you want to. If you use your existing primary account, Shift is compatible with it in all computers.

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