Supermetrics Review (The Best Automation Tool for Marketing Experts)

Data analysis plays an important role to make decisions at an organization level. Hence, it is mandatory to collect data scattered across various platform to begin the analysis process. In this Supermetrics review, we will focus on the analysis tools from the reporting software. These tools can help marketers explore insights and make better business decisions.

We’ll talk about the pricing details, benefits, limitations and features of the tool’s addons. Let’s start.

What Is Supermetrics?

Data collection is a big challenge for digital analysts. Raw data formats and complex information are the prime concerns in the process. It is a tedious job to collect data from various platforms and analyze them.

Thankfully, we have amazing tools from Supermetrics. It helps you analyze marketing data. As a result, you can find actionable insights on the go. We are writing this genuine Supermetrics review to give you thorough information on the tool. It includes the features, benefits and pricing.

Supermetrics is a potential analytics tool. It simplifies data collection from various platforms in one place. The tool combines data from different sources in one place. This data in a consumable visual format helps in finding hidden patterns. To know more, check out our guide on how to set up supermetrics for different platforms.

This tool can be used with the Google Chrome extension. You just need to select a reporting format. For example, Google Sheets. Then, you can launch Supermetrics from the Addon menu.

After launching you can see a sidebar. There you can select the source of data. It can be Facebook ads, Google BigQuery, or any other platform. First, select the platform. Now you can click on ‘Select Views’ for accounts to be analyzed.

Choose the metrics and the tool will automatically fetch data for you. Collected data can be visualized in any form such as pie chart or bar graph. The tool can fetch any metric from the platform. Let us now continue with the Supermetrics review with each of its tools.

We officially collaborated with the brand to provide you the best supermetrics discount codes. They are applicable to each and every data integration tool and reporting tool listed below.

Supermetrics Reporting & Analysis Tools

There are four tools designed for reporting and analysis. Let’s review each of them to explore their benefits.

Data Studio

Google Data Studio is specially designed for creating reports and data visualizations. In the old version, you needed to collect data from Google Sheets and other sources. The data was then used for making visualizations on Google Data Studio. Later, features to organize data from non-Google sources into a datasheet was added to it.

Google Sheets is a good platform for reporting. However, we cannot use it to import data for Google Data Studio. The tool helps you solve this issue with the connectors and makes it easy to pull data through these connectors.

PRICING: With the 14 days free trial, you can buy plans starting from €39 per month.  

Google Sheets

Google Sheets helps you transfer data from a variety of sources and platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Insights, Bing Ads, and others into a single spreadsheet.

This simplifies data reporting and visualizing them. This tool gives you access to features for instance, Adform, Adobe Analytics, and DoubleClick. You will also get an important feature called hourly refresh. The Google Sheets integration helps you create as well as customize the report as well as dashboard. You can access reports from your inbox.

In this Supermetrics review, we encountered more than 30 templates. These templates are available in the Supermetrics  gallery. You can access these templates at no extra cost.

PRICING: This tool costs €99 for its pro version. You can also choose the super pro version which focuses on online marketing at just €189 per month.

MS Excel

Now here is the best product in this Supermetrics review designed for marketing experts. Most importantly, this tool is beneficial for professionals using MS Excel for data reporting. 

This tool assists you drag data in a single Excel spreadsheet. You can access all Excel features to customize your report.

Most importantly, the tool offer all essential features required for the report creation. The Supermetrics review explored that the tool makes your report reliable. It thus helps you in quick analysis. The tool features can work with Windows Excel 2003 and higher versions.

PRICING: You can buy the pro version starting from €99 only. You can also choose the super pro version at a monthly cost of €189.  


Uploader is a tool tailored for businesses working with advertising data. It helps you upload your advertising data to Google analytics.

Most importantly, you can select an advertising network to extract data from. Supermetrics Uploader will then automatically upload ad spend data from these networks to Google analytics.

Uploader tracks your advertising ROI. It combines collected data with the eCommerce platform. This tool helps in providing desired metrics. Supermetrics for uploader allows you a quick analysis of the campaigns.

PRICING: You can spare your copy-paste time with such a metric. There is no need to waste your time logging into various platforms. You can start with 5 daily uploads at just €39.

Supermetrics Data Integration Tools

Now, we will have a quick review of all the Data Integration tools. These tools help in data extraction and feeding them into BI tools. All the integration tools are custom priced, you need to contact Supermetrics to get pricing information.

Supermetrics API

Firstly, the API cut down the time businesses waste on building the connectors. This tool can feed marketing data to your data warehouse. Supermetrics moves extracted data on its own. Thus users do not need to hustle in this process.

The API can extract data from various platforms. Extracted data is then feed into Looker, Qlik, Power BI, Tableau, or any BI tool. Tool uses encryption method for the data transfer. Thus, through this Supermetrics review, we can conclude that these Supermetrics tools are trustworthy in concern with data security.

You get reliable connectors in place of shallow connectors for a huge number of platforms. As a result, user gets complete freedom of choosing the metrics and dimensions. The tool provides unsampled and easy to understand data. Businesses can get the quote for Supermetrics for API tools.

The tool helps you visualize the extracted data from your favorite platform. You can analyze and take relevant decisions smoothly. Whole data is accessible in just a few clicks. There are numerous ways to use the API. This tool can hence help in the business growth.    


BigQuery is the easiest solution for BigQuery users. The tool helps you move your data into BigQuery. You can perform this transfer without coding. Above all, this tool maintains connectors and security. It uses encryption and decryption at source and destination, respectively.

Connectors are well maintained to track and troubleshoot any errors. Also, you get a wide choice of marketing platform sources to pull data from. Extracted data is transformed into chosen metric and dimension.

In short, BigQuery helps you create a multichannel report. This report is created with data from various platforms. It gives you the easiest visualization of your data in BI tools. You can request a quote on plans and prices. This quote changes with a customized package.


Snowflake lets you manage your marketing data. It does this by moving data into Snowflake. Certainly, transferring your data into Snowflake helps you maintain your historical data automatically.

Also, Snowflake helps you build customized tables. With the options to edit, manage, customize and save the extractions schemas, it simplifies user tasks.

Amazon S3

The Amazon S3 integration is the best tool to store your marketing data. It is very easy to configure these sources. Also, you can select the data you want to transfer. With a few clicks, there is no more tedious task for the user.

The tool offers templates as well as customizable options for your marketing data. You can also use preconfigured schemas. These schemas help you to start with the use cases straight away. You get high uptime and freedom to specify metric and dimensions.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage manages data. It transfers this data into Google Cloud Storage instances. You can add all the cross channels. These channels manage historical data into a data lake.

It helps you extract data from platforms like Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook. After that, the tool transfers your data into the GCS instance.

Certainly, it is very easy to configure the tool with your Google Cloud Storage. Select the data you want to transfer and Supermetrics will take care of the rest. The tool offers templates for a quick start. You can also customize configurations as per your need.

Azure Storage

Connect your marketing platforms as a source of data and you are good to go. You can extract data from selected platforms. Platforms may include LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google. These extracted data is store it in the Azure Storage Container instance.

Finally, there is no extra tedious work in configuration and use of this tool. It thus lets you customize and configure schemas as per your requirement. You can design your customized schema. After that y can move it directly to your data link.

Supermetrics Benefits

  • This tool give usability through integrated tools
  • The tools provide efficient and quick reports
  • It offers tools at relatively lower rates than in the market

Supermetrics Limitations

  • Supermetrics tools do not store data
  • The tools work slower for in-depth data collection

Our Final Words on Supermetrics Review

With this Supermetrics review, we can say that it is one of the promising business intelligence software. The tools offered are well designed. These tools can assist online marketers in their business growth. Your ability to use the tools can maximize its benefits. In conclusion, you can make the best use of the available tools to analyze the marketing data. You can hence take vital decisions for your company’s growth. 

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