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TAPTES is a large-scale supplier of interior and exterior accessories of Tesla Model X, S and 3. It is an independent wholesaler of Tesla aftermarket accessories and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Tesla Motors. Here you can get of all kinds every tesla car item starting from seat covers, dash covers, floor mats to center console insert, carbon fiber spoilers, wireless phone chargers, etc. Check out our detailed taptes review for more details on what they do and what they have in their store.

What is TAPTES?

Your car might have many super features such as autopilot, ludicrous speed mode, supercharging facilities, auto raising suspension, advanced parking sensors, and many. But it awaits some more essentials that every car needs, such as roof sunshades, footwell, front trunk organizer box, fixed glass roof sunshade, dash cover and a lot more.

The brand is highly recommended by Tesla Owners Club, Tesla Forum, Reddit Tesla Motors Community, Facebook Groups, etc. Every item is amazingly useful and none of them is considered of a lesser necessity. Either you decorate your car, protect it or want to keep it well-ordered, additional accessories are needed which are provided by TAPTES.

TAPTES has got your covered which sells just Tesla accessories. On the site, you definitely get to find what you search for. It provides the poshest and the highest quality interior and exterior appliances to worldwide customers.

Also, there are attractive discounts offered by the top-notch brand. “Buy $100 save $5” on qualified accessories is one of them. You can easily direct yourself towards the items provided on the website. Read our taptes review and make sure you buy the right products at the right price. Check more about TAPTES here.

Benefits of Choosing Tesla Accessories From TAPTES

TAPTES is very much on demand. Some of the reasons why they pass the demand criteria are:

  1. Wide range of selection: As mentioned above, an umpteen number of products are available in TAPTES. It can be from a small item like Silicon Key Fob Cover to a big item like Hands-free Power Lift Gate for Tesla. Customers are always happy with the range of the various products provided by the brand.
  2. Affordable price: The highest-priced product in TAPTES is easy to afford. Customers buy these products without giving a second thought because of their usefulness. Their advantage overcomes their funnel of costs which makes these products more likely to be bought.  
  3. 100% Guaranteed-quality: Every product is of fine and genuine quality. The brand offers high-quality products with longevity. Herewith TAPTES, you do not have to worry about compromising quality over cost.  
  4. Worldwide shipping: The brand’s Tesla accessories are widely used across the world. It has the facility to provide to every corner of the world at minimal shipping charges, depending on the distance of the shipping location.
  5. Direct Reach: It is good news that TAPTES is itself the manufacturer which means you can have a direct approach in case of any product-related difficulty or query. You can save time and money by dealing directly with the manufacturer and get everything clear and assured.

The Bottomline

I hope you liked our taptes review!

TAPTES, with its wide range of car accessories, really attract and satisfy a lot of customers. Every car is special to be modified and needs some uniqueness and extra comfort. And you too can get your car a unique identity with specified modifications.

Modify your car to the utmost comfort. Increase your convenience and luxury with TAPTES.


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