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Here is an honest and detailed Shoptimized theme review to help you understand the features, pricing, benefits, limitations, and discounts on shoptimized themes for eCommerce.

This review will help you judge Shoptimized, an eCommerce theme that offers the highest conversion rates. You can create the best user experience and turn them into your customers. Stand out of the crowd by applying the amazing Shoptimized theme to your eCommerce and Woocommerce business.

Introduction to Shoptimized

Increasing interest in dropshipping business adds to the need of standing out in the crowd. It is now essential to make your website more user friendly and attract customers to your online marketplace.

You have to keep up with the trend and dynamic market demands. You have to be wise while choosing your online business platform and its appearance. The Shopify store is on top of the list of the most popular platforms for entrepreneurs. On top of it, there are many premium shopify themes for eCommerce stores.

Firstly, you must understand how a theme can affect your business performance.

The theme is the first impression you can create on your target audience. The overall layout and theme represent your business. It thus has to be taken seriously to style up your Shopify store and gain maximum profit.

You must be eager to know ‘how can I decide a perfect theme for my store?’
It may be difficult for beginners but it is mandatory to customize your Shopify store. You have to add a unique and fresh theme that understands your business approach.

Before getting down to our Shoptimized theme review, you’ve got to know the answers to the following questions about choosing an eCommerce theme.

Is Your Chosen Theme Answering These Questions?

  • Is this theme capable of creating the best experience for my customers?
  • Does this theme have the desired feature I am looking for in my store?
  • How can this theme emulate things I liked in competing Shopify stores?
  • How my products will be showcased in this theme?
  • Is the theme responsive and friendly for multiple platforms?
  • How much time and money do I need to invest in Shoptimized theme?
  • Is the theme SEO-friendly to attract organic audiences from search engine results?
  • How easy is it to install Shoptimized theme?
  • Is the theme light-weight to load faster and comply with any server?

Answering these questions may help you step into choosing the right theme for your store.

As this whole process looks tedious, we are here to help you. It is the best theme for your Shopify store which concentrates on increasing conversion rate.

Shoptimized is one of the best converting shopify themes available in the eCommerce marketplace.

The Shoptimized theme is designed and developed by Bradley Long, an expert in conversion rates. This is the most popular theme for the dropshipping business. It is a simple yet effective theme that meets the requirements of the business owner at a reduced monthly investment.

Take a look at the theme component and features to know why it suits your business.

Shoptimized Theme Features

Features of any Shopify theme matters a lot when it comes to eCommerce and Woocommerce business. How can you attract, retain and convert a customer on your website – that’s the goal. In this shoptimized theme review, we bring out the exciting features such as countdown timer, popups, currency converter, pre-built templates and components and more. Check more details about Shoptimized here.

The Countdown Timer With In-stock Count

Theme motivates customers to grab the product as fast as possible. This tool can give special offers with a time limit.

Switch the Currency (With IP Recognition)

This feature makes your Shopify store convenient for international customers. They can view products on your Shopify store in their currency. You do not need to buy an app for this tool as it is a built-in feature.

Built-in Product Customization

Customized products are in trend. The Shoptimized theme gives you an app for selling personalized products. This comes free of cost which saves up to $180 per year.

Instant Coupon Code

Surprise discount offers will add to the conversion rate. This theme provides an urgency cart coupon with a validity of 24 hours which makes shoppers buy the product.

Email Popup

You need to collect email addresses to grow customers. This email popup tool works on page-scroll or exit-intent technology and aims in retaining customers with attractive offers, forms, and coupons.

Risk Reversal

The theme has a risk reversal section in the footer area. This section can give a warranty, guarantee, or money back promise for your service or product. It is the best feature to reassure your customers about product quality.

Remaining Stock Tag

This feature adds a countdown timer with the remaining stock for a particular product. This timer forces your would-be customers to buy the product. It thus helps in boosting the conversion rate.

Inbuilt Value Proposition

This tool helps the visitor to know about your business and convince them why they should buy from you. This tool helps you stand out from the crowd.

Template to Add Videos

Videos provide the highest conversion rate and this video layout helps you add videos along with images. You can also add videos in the footer layout.

Shipping Bar

You can add shipping offers like free shipping or flat rate as a popup. This tool encourages shoppers to invest more.

Remaining Stock Countdown

Shoptimized theme lets you add a tag on your product and display the stock countdown. This timer can influence customers to grab your product without wasting time.

Estimated Delivery Date

This theme answers to the delivery time queries of your customers. It displays the date by which customers can expect delivery of their orders.

Shoptimized theme gives you the convenience of integrating marketing tools such as Google Ads, Google optimizes, Hotjar, etc. with a simple copy paste job. You do not need developer skills for these settings.


You get the freedom to customize the mega menu as per your business, in case you have lots of pages. You can also switch it off if you are having a smaller number of products.

Free Shipping Popup

This is the feature that improves the conversion rate by encouraging customers to spend more. It helps in engaging customers to buy more products from your eCommerce website.

Why Should You Choose Shoptimized?

Once you buy a theme, it is quite essential to get complete support for your queries. Shoptimized theme review concludes that you will get quality support from the Shoptimized theme team.

This theme is updated regularly which keeps it compatible with the Shopify store. You can access unlimited updates for the whole year in a single license. Best reviews for Shoptimized themes from its user make it worth for your Shopify store.

Shoptimized theme understands SEO needs of your business and turns your online business platform into an SEO friendly website.

The theme has good responsiveness and compatibility with multiple devices. Shoptimized themes do not have complicated coding like excessive use of CSS or Javascript which makes it lightweight.

You get complete freedom to customize your Shopify store and sell your products.

A lot of research goes into selecting a Shopify theme for eCommerce stores. Flexibility, customer support, look and feel of the page, user interface, user experience are only a few.

While researching for the Shoptimized theme review, we found over 30 amazing features that can skyrocket your eCommerce sales. However, we’ve handpicked just 15 for you. Check them out.

Customized Menu & Navbar

It is the best part of the Shoptimized theme.

You get customizable top menu navigation which can include tools like currency converter or a cart icon.

You can add social media links in the form of buttons on the top menu.
This section can also include the product pages of your website, About Us section, Contact Us form, or a Blog.

The cart symbols added on the navbar can pop up a cart window to customize quantity. The menu page has lots of possibilities to add multiple buttons, messages, or links to internal pages.

Attractive Homepage

The homepage gives you a layout to personalize your store with a slide show. If you are a service website, you can showcase your business’s story on this layout. Talk about how you started, put something inspirational. Introduce why you do what you do. Introduce your team and products, and services, and more.

If you are an eCommerce store, list down the highest-selling products or trending business. Highlight your business featuring your products, their prices, and stock.

Below this slideshow section, you can include products and descriptions about them.

You also get a fixed header feature on top of the page. The header is well configured to fit the business logo, contact details, and a search bar in a single line.

Detailed Product Pages

This is the potential page that helps you increase the conversion rate. An optimized theme helps in creating a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

The theme provides an option to zoom into the image by hovering the mouse. You can add a secondary image that can be toggled in a single click.
The theme provides sharing icons to spread the word about the business. You can also include product reviews or customization features for the customers.

This is the bottom section of your Shopify store where you can add shortcuts to the rest of your website. Hyperlink the pages and provide a smooth user journey.

You can include text as well as images. You can highlight the advantages of your brand or special schemes to engage more customers.

The footer layout can also showcase the payment methods you accept.
Don’t forget to include the Privacy Policy of your business, FAQs, and Terms of Services in the footer area. These measures mean that you comply with ethical online business and abide by the laws set by the government to capture contacts and use them.

Conversion-friendly Cart Page

When a customer adds a product to the cart, the cart page will get active. On this page, customers can choose the quantity of the item to buy.
It also has a “Continue Shopping” Button which redirects customers back to the product page, in case they want to shop more before the final billing.

There’s always a shortcut cart button on the navbar named “View my Cart” that can lead the customer to this cart page. The Shoptimized theme provides a similar layout of this cart page as the Shopify layout.
A Countdown timer is an added feature of the Shoptimized theme cart page.

This timer influences the buying decisions of users. The “Secure Checkout” button can redirect the customer to payment modes.

Shoptimized Pros

  • The theme has an impressive layout structure for both mobile and desktop.
  • No additional third-party apps that save your money.
  • Shoptimized themes prove to be 38% more responsive than its competitors.

Shoptimized Cons

  • You need to bear a fake visitor counter that pops up on your layout.
  • It also has a scarcity timer adding complexity to the product page.
  • You need to design icons on your own as default once look horrible.
  • Smaller fonts are difficult to read.

Shoptimized Theme Pricing

The Shoptimized theme provides three variants according to business needs. To offer you great deals of discounts on choosing any of the below three versions, we’ve officially collaborated with Shoptimized. Choose from our exclusive set of shoptimized coupon codes and enjoy up to 20% off.

Basic Plan

Single store owners can go for a basic variant of the Shoptimized theme. It includes one store license with all conversion boosting features.
You get support for 24X7 in native English. This variant is available at $167 which is a one-time fee.

Pro Plan

This Shoptimized theme variant is specially designed for eCommerce businesses including more than one and less than four stores.

This license includes Shoptimized themes for three Shopify stores of a single owner. It has all the features of the basic variant with added access to FB Ascension Formula Facebook Training. You can buy this pro variant at a one-time fee of $197.

Ultimate Plan

Owners having more than four Shopify stores can buy this ultimate Shoptimized theme. It includes a theme for ten Shopify stores with all features of basic and pro versions. You get lifetime support and upgrades at just $597.

All Set to Buy the Shoptimized Theme?

We can conclude this Shoptimized theme review after announcing that it is the best Shopify store themes at an affordable price. You get more than 30 features with few limitations.

You may need to work on aspects like icons but you do not need to pay for additional apps. All we can say is that, go for this theme with the advantage of 24/7 support and installation with minimum effort.


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