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You can stop your search for the best form builder here. WPForms have several reasons to top the list of most efficient form builder plugins. Here we will be listing the five most prominent reasons to choose WPForms for your professional website. read our detailed WPFroms Review and you will find out all those 5 reasons to buy it.

Importance of Forms in Business

Small business owners and marketers always need best WordPress plugins for business to help them in lead generation. Forms are the best medium to interact with the visitors of your website. To create such forms, you require the raw HTML code. It thus becomes the task of experts who have hands-on experience in HTML and CSS.

For those who are not among such experts, form builder plugins are the easiest way. You just need to integrate it with your website through easy installation steps. Activating the installed plugin is all you have to do to start building your form. In fact, not just a form builder, WPForms is being widely used by experts as the best survey software for WordPress.

WPForms Review: Best Form Builder Plugin

If you are into lead generation, you should know how to create contact forms in WordPress. You must choose a form builder plugin that can be used for multiple purposes along with form building. WPForms is thus the first choice of form builder plugin when it is about features and security.

Firstly, WPForms is the all in one solution to build forms on your professional website. It works with a simple drag and drop system. Such easy operations make it handy for beginners and experts both. WPForms provide the easiest way to collect data through forms. WPForms is the best form builder plugin that specifies the necessary details you need from users. With the creation of such a narrowed and useful form, WPForms saves your time. Let’s get to know more about the features in our exclusive wpforms review.

WPForms Features

This best form builder plugin provides features to create forms without actual coding. It helps you create multiple page forms, add payment features, security features, donation forms, etc.

WPForms form builder plugin can build a marketing campaign for your business website. It helps you increase sales through safe and secure payment options. You can collect valuable feedback from your visitors to improvise your website. This feedback helps you provide better service to your customers.

You can connect with the leads through forms. WPForms surveys collect information and reports to analyze your product and service. WPForms plugin thus opens plenty of opportunities to enhance your website towards your goals. Although business-friendly, WPForms also offers plenty of features to nonprofits to create donation forms in WordPress.

  • Spam Protection: You can connect your form with the ‘Honeypot technology’ or ‘Captcha’ to protect your website from spammers. If you want to protect your forms using captcha, check out our detailed guide on how to setup hcaptcha.
  • Quick Notifications: You can receive quick and automated notifications of queries from users.
  • Logical Designing: You can hide or show sections/fields of the form as per your convenience.
  • Payment Gateways Integration: You can add recurring and one-time payment options to sell your product or services through your website.
  • Email Marketing Integration: You can integrate email marketing software to WPForms.
  • Adaptive to Resolutions: WPForms provide forms that can adapt screen resolution of any system like a monitor or smartphone.
  • Geolocation of Users: WPForms allows you to collect information about the geolocation of the users.
  • Anonymous Post Submissions: Users get the convenience of submitting their posts anonymously.
  • Surveys & Quizzes: It is very easy to create a survey form and analyze its report.

5 Reasons Why WPForms Is the Best Form Builder

WPForms has the most features added to the plugin in the entire industry. You will never find these many features and add-ons in other form builder plugins. Based on our experience with WPForms as a plugin, our detailed wpforms review will help you better understand the reasons.

Read in detail the 5 most reasonable features makes it the best form builder plugin.

User-Friendly Interface

WPForms is the best form builder plugin for beginners with its user-friendly interface. This plugin makes it simple to build efficient, informative, and simple forms. The plugin offers drag and drops operations to add or remove the form field.

WPForms simplifies the coding part with its functional drag and drop form builder components. 


The plugin has a preview option giving an overview of the actual form. This preview helps you to decide whether you are doing it correctly or not.

WPForms guides you to create a complete form right from the beginning. You don’t have to be scared of starting with a blank page. WPForms form builder plugin offers more than 100 form pre-built templates to start with.

It becomes fun and super easy to choose one and such hundreds of templates. After choosing the right template for your form you can customize it in the form builder. Above all, It also guides you in creating your template.

Pre-built Templates Contain

  • Blank form
  • Survey form
  • Order form
  • Request a quote form
  • Contact form
  • Newsletter signup form
  • Donation form

Amazing Addons

The best form builder plugin available on the whole WordPress offers a great deal of addons. These add-ons enhance the functionality of your website. The following are the most effective and popular addons of WPForms form builder.

  1. Email Marketing: You can collect emails from the visitor through newsletter forms and signup forms. This email list can be integrated with email marketing software like Drip, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, etc.
  2. Payment Addon: You can integrate WPForms with PayPal and Stripe addons. Adding such payment gateways you can collect donations and payment via the secured medium.
  3. Signature Addon: You may need to create forms for a service agreement for your website. WPForms provide a signature form to sign agreements.
  4. Surveys Addon: This addon helps you create forms and surveys to collect data from visitors. This report can be analyzed for decisive purposes.
  5. Zapier Addon: Zapier addon helps you connect your website form to more than 500 web applications.
  6. Salesforce Addon: You can share the contact and leads of your website to the salesforce CRM account.

WPForms Anti-Spam Feature

The effective anti-spam option makes WPForms form builder stand out in the competitor list. WPForms provide addon integration of custom captcha. This captcha integration can protect form submission from the spamming issue.

It is completely your decision to integrate captcha anti-spam protection on your website. You can keep it off if you want your form to be simple. This captcha option allows you to make your form hard for spammers. You can also use Google invisible reCAPTCHA v2 for security from spammers.

Super Easy to Embed

WPForms plugin assists you in publishing your form anywhere website. It is very easy to integrate WPForms on your WordPress website.

You can embed forms created with this best form builder plugin on your website page in the footer widget or sidebar widget. It is as simple as a copy-paste job. You just have to copy the shortcode of the created form and paste it into your template widget.

Final Words

With our detailed wpforms review & informative reasons to choose WPForms over all other alternatives, you must have a sure decision now. This beginner-friendly WPForms form builder plugin provides 24X7 support. It’s easy-to-use efficient features that will make your form creation process quick and simple. Use this form builder along with the addons to integrate amazing features on your website. This integration will ensure more visitors and engagement on your website.

And The most important thing; we have got you covered, check out our latest wpforms coupon codes to get amazing discounts on your purchase. Check more details about WPForms here.


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